Project description

In June, 2009, Agip KCO и AVENCOM signed a contract for the «Design, production, delivery, installation, checking and commissioning of an independent cooling system for the server room at the training center of Agip KCO in Atyrau. According to the contract AVENCOM prepared a project, including all the required detailed documentation, which was sufficient for executing the purchase of equipment and materials and the construction work. AVENCOM surveyed the actual condition of the building and its electrical systems in order to identify the best solution for the siting of the external unit of the precision air conditioner and the connection of the cooling equipment to the existing electricity supply system. AVENCOM also carried out all the construction work necessary for a reliable Inert Gas Fire Fighting System in the server room. AVENCOM carried out the design, procurement, assembly and commissioning of the required cooling system. The project includes all the auxiliary systems necessary for a fully functioning operational cooling system.

AVENCOM works volume

  1. Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd.

Project statistics​

Location:Kazakhstan, Аtyrau
Customer:Agip Kazakhstan North Caspian Operating Company NV
Project Cost:USD 148 000
Time elapse:5 months
Delivery:October 2009