There is an AGIP KCO project for Kashagan Field Development onshore project. The Kashagan field is located in the Caspian Sea offshore Kazakhstan, approximately 80 km south of the town of Atyrau. The reservoir contains 45 API oil with associated sour gas. The development will comprise a combination of both offshore and onshore processing facilities.

AVENCOM Responsibility

In June, 2009, AGIP KCO и AVENCOM signed a contract for the «Design, production, delivery, installation, checking and commissioning of an independent cooling system for the server room at the training center of AGIP KCO in Atyrau.

AVENCOM Approach

In accordance with the agreement, AVENCOM prepared a project including all the necessary detailed documents sufficient to carry out the procurement process for the equipment and materials and the construction work. AVENCOM investigated the actual state of the building and the electrical systems in order to identify the best solution for positioning the outdoor unit of the precision air-conditioner and connecting the cooling equipment to the existing electrical network. AVENCOM carried out all the construction work necessary to ensure a reliable Inert Gas Fire Fighting System in the server room.


The server room cooling system is running in 24/365 mode.



Design, procurement, assembly and commissioning of the required cooling system






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