Project description

Automatic control of the supply-extract system was installed and adjusted in 4 buildings of the Chinareva OGCF. The system was set up taking into account
possible gas leaks and fires. The supply-extract system under automatic control provides:

  1. Control and regulation of air supply;
  2. Protection of a water heater from freezing;
  3. Control of the start up of ventilation;
  4. Air valve control;
  5. Control of an adjusting valve on the heat carrier;
  6. Control of the work of the circulation pump;
  7. Regulation of the temperature in the premises.

Special features of the project:

  1. Automatic switching on of back up ventilation units.
  2. The workings of sensors and motors to not trigger explosions.

Scope of work

  1. Development of a technical solution;
  2. Detailed design;
  3. Procurement of equipment;
  4. Installation, start-up and adjustment;
  5. Тesting and commissioning.

Products Used:

  1. Аrktika (Russia)
  2. Regin (Sweden)
  3. Polar bear (Sweden)

Project statistics​

Location:West Kazakhstan
Customer:LLP «Agroremash»
Project Cost:USD 62 082
Time elapse:3 months
Delivery:December 2010