Improvement of Engineer Qualification in Company

“At the end of November 2018, DKS engineer Nasybulin Radik underwent advanced training on balancing rotors of electric motors at the operation site and on balancing machines at the Training Center for Advanced Training and Retraining of Personnel, BALTECH, St. Petersburg, Russia. For carrying out vibrodiagnostic and balancing works, the vibration analyzer of universal application […]

Upgrade of Data Transmission System on KPO Export Pipeline

Upgrade works for data transmission system on KPO export pipeline completed. The aim of the project was to replace obsolete telecommunication equipment. In 2017, the Company installed equipment as part of the Pilot Project. As a result of testing the communication channels, it turned out that the functional quality of the proposed equipment is fully applicable […]

Works on PAGA System Commenced

FEED and design works for new node of the public address / general alarm system (PAGA) for the debottlenecking project (KGDBN) started. It will be installed in the new control room, designed and built near KGDBN site and located next to the new technological area (construction site of the new facility). New PAGA will be interconnected with an […]

Ongoing IT Security Maintenance Works

As part of long term contract with one of the biggest oil & gas companies of Kazakhstan, AVENCOM ensures the IT security monitoring of client resources. Company specialists ensure the protection of confidential data. As well as protection from intrusion of virus and malware to corporate client network. The development and maintenance of suffiient level of […]

Risk Management Training Took Place in Company

2 days training course “Risk Management on ISO 31000:2018” was held in the company. All gained knowledge and competencies are required for risks identification, assessment and management in company operational activities. 11 employees received course certificates upon completion.

Upgrade of Security Systems

As part of long term contract on one of the biggest oil and gas projects of Kazakhstan, company conducts the maintenance, installation, HW and SW upgrade works of physical security assets, and it also includes the deployment of latest and best international security solutions.  In the framework of the implementation of the requirements to the system […]

Registration of AVENCOM Trademark

In 2017 AVENCOM LLP completed the registration of the trademark “AVENCOM” in “Kazakhstan National Institute of Intellectual property” of the Ministry of Justice of the Repulic of Kazakhstan. The registration of trademark property gives the protection for it to our company on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As “AVENCOM” trademark owner AVENCOM LLP can […]

Uralsk Hackathon

As co-founder of IT Association WKR AVENCOM conducted the 1st Hackathon in the history of Uralsk. It was connected with 20th anniversary of Astana and devoted to digital improvement of Uralsk city services. 6 teams of IT developers presented their results and 3 of them were awarded with prizes and diplomas. 1st place team developed the […]

Inspection Audits in Company

Inspection audits for the compliance to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 took place in the company as well as re-certification for the compliance to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Relevant certificates were issued. Besides above mentioned ISO 45001 and ISO 30001 are also deployed in AVENCOM. ISO 45001 replaces OHSAS 18001 in accordance with best world […]