Our systems are all subject to full integrated FAT testing and pre-commissioning prior to shipping. Integrated Factory Acceptance Testing reduces risk during installation and unforeseen delays in the field.

Commencement of the installation works is agreed upon by all parties dependent on when the working areas will be available in the shortest possible time.

All works are carried out in accordance with client specifications, field-proven methods and industry standards. Due care is taken to comply with relevant health and safety procedures to ensure the highest degree of safety is maintained at all times.

The commissioning plan is prepared and submitted to the client for approval.

Prior to commencement of the commissioning activities, AVENCOM requires that there is power for the system panels and associated items, and a general inspection and visual check of installed equipment, cables and wiring, including setup, configuration and interconnections.

During commissioning, the engineers verify and ascertain that all systems and components have been installed and tested according to the project specification and the operational requirements of the client.

After completion, the commissioning engineer provides detailed records of the findings and settings made for all the subsystems.

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) of the system is performed based on the procedures approved by the client. The entire system is offered for demonstration to the client representatives. All functionalities are tested in real-time, showing physical and logical integrity. Upon SAT completion, the final SAT test reports are submitted for the client’s review and approval.

On-site operation and maintenance training is provided to a specified number of attendees for a period agreed with the client.