Project description

In June 2011, NC Production Operations Company B.V. And AVENCOM signed a contract for the design and installation of a high quality latest generation 3D equipment. The project was intended to fully equip the «Caspian» Business Center with sound and visual equipment..
The work to be carried out was divided into three parts: 

  1. Equipping an auditorium with a capacity of 180 persons;
  2. Equipping thirteen meeting rooms and conference halls;
  3. Equipping foyers on each floor with information screens.

The design had three aims:

  1. modify signals from sources with various formats into one type (the carrier signal);
  2. transmit the carrier signal over a large distance;
  3. change the signals to the highest possible quality with image devices.

The auditorium was equipped with a videosignal scaler, two projectors, and also two stationary and one mobile videocamera for the transmission and recording of videosignals. Such a fitting out facilitates the effective use of the auditorium’s equipment in various scenarios.

Signals were transmitted through screened twisted pair cables. With this in mind, special attention was paid to the coordination of the parameters of the power supply of a signal’s source and its receiver to retain a high quality for the output signal.
After the succesful commissioning of the initial system, in 2012, NC Production Operations Company B.V. And AVENCOM signed a further contract for fitting out the Production Control Center of the Kashagan oil field with equipment to visualise the production process.

Scope of work

  1. Carrying out a site inspection;
  2. Drawing up a technical solution;
  3. Detailed design of the system;
  4. Developing the system configuration;
  5. Equipment procurement;
  6. Installation of system;
  7. Commissioning.

Products Used:

  1. Bosch
  2. Kramer
  3. Mitsubishi
  4. NEC
  5. CISCO Systems
  6. Projecta
Atyrau, Atyrau oblast.
Customer:NCPOC B.V.
Total value:USD 900 000
Duration:10 months