Project description

KPO Management always paid great attention to the control issues of technical condition of pipelines  that are used to export hydrocarbons. As Brian Drinkhall,
Operations & Maintenance Superintendent for KPO’s KATS Export Pipeline said, “KPO takes pipeline security very seriously and illegal tap incidents can pose serious safety and environmental issues.”

In the period of 2008 – 2009 the Company bought the pilot samples of 2 surveillance and condition monitoring systems of the world leading manufactures Future Fiber Technologies (Australia) and QinetiQ OptaSense (UK). AVENCOM company performed the installation and commissioning of both systems in adjacent sections of export pipeline of 40 and 80 km length accordingly.

After two years of operation the OptaSense technology showed a better level of adaptation for the local working condition then Australian one. KPO
management made a decision to buy ten more interrogator units of the manufacture. AVENCOM company implemented the project within the defined timeline and by the best quality standard.

Currently the surveillance and monitoring system of the export pipeline covers the distance of 354 km.

Scope of work

  1. Site survey;
  2. Technical engineering solution;
  3. Detailed technical design;
  4. Engineering of system documentation;
  5. Engineering of system configuration;
  6. Equipment procurement;
  7. System assembly and FAT;
  8. Preparation of optical fiber;
  9. Installation and start up;
  10. System calibration;
  11. Customer personnel training;

Products used:

  1. OptaSense,
  2. RackServers,
  3. Blackbox.

Project statistics​

Location:West Kazakhstan
Customer:KPO BV
Total value:USD 368 000
Time elapse:6 months