Information security at the proper level

The company passed an inspection audit for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 27001-2015 “Information technology. Methods and means of ensuring security. Information security management systems. Requirements”. The audit was conducted on the processes and divisions related to the declared area of certification. The result of the audit was confirmation and receipt […]

Evolution – 2023

  28 years ago, AVENCOM started out as a household appliance repair shop. Today, it carries out major projects in the field of communication systems, security and climatic equipment in different regions of Kazakhstan, mainly in the oil and gas sector. Over these years, the company has come a long way and has become one […]

AVENCOM (UK), Project in Nigeria

In 2020, the result of a trip by AVENCOM’s technical director to the United Kingdom was the creation of a subsidiary for participation in international projects. One of the “successful” contracts was the project of integrating and commissioning a complex of security systems (CSS) on the sites of the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria […]

Vessel Traffic Management System: News for 2020

The third navigation season at the CaTRO project has come to an end. Equipment from marine platform was dismantled and delivered for winter conservation. The access hatches to the platforms have been locked – now until next spring. The Vessel Traffic Management system has worked out its warranty period and remains functional for further operation […]