In 2019, “ABS Munai” LLP has started construction of new Oil Refinery Factory in Algabas village of Terekti district in West Kazakhstan. Planned factory production capacity was up to 750 thousand tons per year. Close to the factory area, the following non-production objects was also constructed: staff hotel, recreation center, laundry, emergency services offices.

AVENCOM Responsibility

AVENCOM was invited to prepare FEED design for “greenfield” systems of non-production objects: telecommunication, security, building automation, public announcement, and hotel central satellite television. By prepared FEED design documents customer planned to start vendor selection process.

AVENCOM Approach

Before starting to build a project AVENCOM team has analyzed world modern best practices for all required systems and applied them to designed project documents. Each system had its own document packed which contained purpose of the system, its main functions, interconnected systems interfaces types and count, installation and commissioning instructions.


The prepared documentation project contained 4 packages of drawings for 31 low-current system and was ready to forwarding to state examination committee or delivering to procurement department for vendor selection process.



FEED project design, Solutions and systems selection, Operation planning



ABS Munai



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