Bautino Offshore Operations Support Base is the logistics center for Kashagan Project marine operations. The base was operated by AGIP KCO in 2007.

AVENCOM Responsibility

It was necessary to propose HVAC system for two external electrical units on the site of treatment facilities of drilling sludge and reduced crude water on AGIP KCO Base at Bautino village in Mangystau Region of Kazakhstan. The volumes of the facilities are 200 cubic meters each.

AVENCOM Approach

After careful analysis of the operating conditions of the system, AVENCOM’s specialists came to the conclusion that it is necessary to use precision air-conditioners instead of split-system type. The company has proposed a system based on Liebert-Hiross products. Despite the cost of the solution the Customer was impressed by the performance and reliability of the suggested HVAC. The installation, testing and commissioning of the equipment and materials were made in short terms – three weeks.


The solution proposed by AVENCOM in practice proved its efficiency and professionalism.



Delivery and turnkey installation of HVAC system






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