There is an AGIP KCO project for Kashagan Field Development onshore project. The Kashagan field is located in the Caspian Sea offshore Kazakhstan, approximately 80 km south of the town of Atyrau. The reservoir contains 45 API oil with associated sour gas. The development will comprise a combination of both offshore and onshore processing facilities.

AVENCOM Responsibility

A contract has been awarded to Page Europa SpA for the design and supply of an Instrument and Telecommunications Shelter (ITS). AVENCOM acted as a subcontractor to deliver, erect a 70 meter tower with six antenna rest/work platforms which is part of ITS.

AVENCOM Approach

The tower was designed to resist extreme wind gusts of up to 48 m/s and harsh weather conditions in the area. This four-sided lattice self-supporting construction was manufactured at EMTAMITAS Plant (Ankara, Turkey) and delivered to the construction site. Four independent foundation blocks were provided for the tower legs. The unit was assembled and erected on site. A team of six qualified erectors with a 25 m crane and a tractor for lifting were engaged in the operations. Verification was a continuous process from fabrication to final inspection on site.


The work was carried out in full compliance with safety requirements.



Factory Acceptance Test, Supervision for foundation construction, Tower delivery, Tower assembling and erection, Earthing and lightning protection



AGIP KCO via Page Europa SpA



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