There is an Agip KCO project for Kashagan Field Development onshore project. The Kashagan field is located in the Caspian Sea offshore Kazakhstan, approximately 80 km south of the town of Atyrau. The reservoir contains 45 API oil with associated sour gas. The development will comprise a combination of both offshore and onshore processing facilities.

AVENCOM Responsibility

Scope of this project was to design and install the Entertainment System and its associated equipment for Early Works Permanent Camp in Kashagan Area.

AVENCOM Approach

This system was composed of 4 dishantennas,30 IRD’s and 34 UHF modulators (30 for IRD’s, the other four for signals coming from Customer provided equipment); a network distribution system composed of Fiber Optic TXs and RXs, combiners and amplifiers distributed the signal in various buildings in the Camp. The Low Noise Block Down-converters (LNB) were used to provide both the low noise amplification and the frequency conversion to cover the entire bands. These units provide several outputs. Each output is connected to a Satellite Switch. The different outputs are necessary to deliver each possible combination in polarization or in band, available from the aimed satellite, to the mentioned switch. All indoor equipment was installed in 6 of 42 rack unit cabinets 800X800.


All systems were built on time, on schedule and with the proper quality.



“Turn key” one box design, supply and commissioning






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