As part of the first phase of the development of the Kashagan oil field, called Experimental Program, a permanent camp Samal was constructed in Karabatan.

AVENCOM Responsibility

AVENCOM was subcontracted for the construction of the following systems in Samal:

  • 70 m telecommunication tower erection for Page Europa SpA;
  • Installation of Electrical, fiber optic, instrumental cabling system in camp Samal for Almaty Kurylys;
  • Turn key installation of Entertainment System for Page Europa SpA.
AVENCOM Approach

The tower was designed to resist extreme wind gusts of up to 48 m/s and harsh weather conditions in the area. It is equipped with six antenna rest/work platforms and an Instrument and Telecommunication Shelter. The four sided lattice self-supporting construction was manufactured at Emtamitas Plant (Ankara, Turkey) and delivered to the construction site where it was assembled and erected on site by a team of six qualified erectors with a 25 m crane and a tractor for lifting.

The Camp Entertainment System was composed of 4 dish antennas,30 IRD’s and 34 UHF modulators (30 for IRD’s, the other four for signals coming from Customer provided equipment);a network distribution system composed of Fiber Optic TXs and RXs, combiners and amplifiers distributed the signal in various buildings in the Camp. All indoor equipment was installed in 6 of 42’ rack unit cabinets 800X800 mm. The FAT was organized in AVENCOM’s staging facilities. After the test the assembled cabinets were delivered to the destination.


All systems were built on time, on schedule and with the proper quality.



70 meter telecom tower erection:
Factory Acceptance Test; Supervision for Foundation construction; Tower delivery;
Tower assembling and erection; Earthing and Lightning Protection

Entertainment system:
Functional Design of the system; Purchase and Delivery; Installation and Staging in AVENCOM office in Uralsk; Transportation and commissioning in Samal Camp.

Samal Camp Cabling System:
Excavation; Fiber optic and electrical cable installation and grounding; Fiber optic cable OTDR tests; Electrical cables tests; Termination in blocks; Lighting system installation.






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