Project description

Baku – Tbilisi – Ceyhan Pipeline is one of the longest in the world. OptaSense technology was selected for condition monitoring of Turkey segment. Operation of
just the first phase of the project, consisting of two interrogator units allowed to detect the illegal tapping attempt. Mr Hasan Alsancak BP-BTC Country Security
Manager Turkey said “We have been impressed with the technical performance over the last year with this technology successfully preventing theft from our pipeline over the initial 100km. We believe the OptaSense system to be a cost effective way of monitoring the security and efficiency of our pipeline.

Installation and commissioning of the second phase of the system was performed in Autumn 2010 – Summer 2011. AVENCOM Company established itself as a
leading system integrator in the field of  condition monitoring and surveillance of linear assets. That is why experts of our company were invited to perform work. Installation and calibration of the system were complicated by the adverse weather conditions in mountainous areas with difficult terrain. Despite this, AVENCOM specialists successfully completed work in accordance with high standards of safety and health
established by British Petroleum for the pipeline operation.
The expansion of the system consisted of ten interrogator units and eight servers. The total length of Phase II was covers 368 km.

Scope of work

  1. Installation of equipment;
  2. System calibration

Products used:

  1. OptaSense
  2. RackServers
  3. Rittal.

Project statistics​

Location:Turkey, East Anatoly
Customer:Optilan UK
Time elapse:6 months