Buzachi Operating Ltd. is an operating company developing the North Buzachi field in the Tupkaragan area of Mangistau Region. The North Buzachi field is located 250 km north of the regional center of Aktau and is classified as a large field in terms of reserves.

AVENCOM Responsibility

Implementation of the project took place in two stages. First stage – Included the construction of a 43 m tower with a telecommunications container and was associated with the design and subsequent examination of the project by the authorized bodies. Second stage — was the creation of a wireless network for data transmission to WiMAX standards.

In the second phase of the project solutions from the companies Redline Communications and Cisco Systems have been applied built in the first stage.

AVENCOM Approach

In the middle of summer, the assembly of the structures began on the site selected for the construction on the field. After two weeks the 43m tower with the telecommunications container were ready for commissioning. After approval by the state commission the object was successfully put into operation. With this the first phase was completed. Each of the field’s drilling stations were equipped with a subscriber module so a transparent bridge to the base station could be organized.


And so, where there was formerly empty desert, there is now a technological oasis with the latest developments of modernity, like WiMAX and IP telephony.



Design, supply, installation and commissioning of a 43m tower with the telecommunications container; Development of technical solutions for the creation of a WiMAX network; Detailed design of the system; Development of system documentation; Procurement of equipment; Building the system and FAT Installation and commissioning; Obtaining Approval from the State Commission; Training client’s staff



Buzachi Operating Ltd.



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