There is an AGIP KCO project for Kashagan Field Development onshore project. The Kashagan field is located in the Caspian Sea offshore Kazakhstan, approximately 80 km south of the town of Atyrau. The reservoir contains 45 API oil with associated sour gas. The development will comprise a combination of both offshore and onshore processing facilities.

AVENCOM Responsibility

In the middle of 2011 AVENCOM signed a contract with AGIP KCO which included providing detailed design, procurement, assembly, start up and adjustment of the following systems:

  • ACS;
  • LAN and telephone lines;
  • Fibre optic telecommunications lines;
  • TETRA radio;
  • PA/GA.
AVENCOM Approach

In its design and construction work, AVENCOM produced a full set of project documentation detailing each system. Factory Acceptance Tests were carried out separately for each of the systems at the factories of the equipment producers. All the systems were assembled and connected in telecommunications cabinets, configured and tested (FAT) in the AVENCOM workshop. The cabinets, with the equipment inside, were packaged for transport to the AGIP KCO sites. This was done in order to minimize the integration work carried out on the client’s land and sea sites where construction was ongoing.

The full integration and startup of the above mentioned systems in the context of working, and yet still under construction, land and sea sites of AGIP KCO was carried out in a very short time, without disconnecting the existing equipment. The systems successfully passed their acceptance tests and were commissioned.


The systems successfully passed their acceptance tests and were commissioned.



Detailed design; Equipment procurement; Engineering and technical support; Assembly and acceptance tests; Installation, start up and adjustment; Commissioning






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