Bank CenterCredit JSC was established on September 19, 1988. It is one of the first commercial banks in Kazakhstan. The bank has its own broad branches network around the republic, serves entities and persons in more than 100 branches and outlets.

AVENCOM Responsibility

In 2007, AVENCOM was approached by UralSauletService CC LLP with a request for the procurement, installation and commissioning of HVAC system for the bank building under construction: three air-supply units, a fresh air handling unit and refrigeration equipment for air conditioning. The solution proposed by us has been the most attractive and AVENCOM was chosen as a contractor.

AVENCOM Approach

In accordance with the contract AVENCOM performed:

  • procurement of ventilation and air conditioning equipment;
  • procurement of materials for refrigeration equipment installation;
  • procurement of HVAC automation system;
  • installation of ventilation equipment, refrigeration equipment and automation system;
  • installation of refrigerant hoses;
  • commissioning of HVAC system.

Based on the results of commissioning, a decision was taken to correct the detailed design in order to create more comfortable conditions and economical consumption of heat and electric energy. AVENCOM participated in this process, proposing a number of technical solutions, which were later successfully implemented.


Bank CenterCredit building was equipped with modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The system fulfills the project objectives: it provides fresh and cooled air to the visitors’ lobbies, conference rooms and office premises.



Design, procurement, installation supervision and commissioning of an HVAC system



Bank CenterCredit