Perspektiva KAN LLP is a Kazakhstani road construction company headquartered in Uralsk.

AVENCOM Responsibility

In 2012, AVENCOM was approached by Perspektiva KAN. This company was going to build a three-story office in Uralsk. Perspektiva KAN have already had HVAC system project, that involved the equipping of the building with only VRF-based air conditioning, which was not suitable for the company management. We, in turn, have noticed that the ventilation system was not designed in the building, which would have adverse effects on the health condition of the staff and would not provide a comfortable stay. As a result, AVENCOM prepared the adjustment of the working documentation with the re-equipment of the building with general ventilation, air conditioning and heating system using fancoils. As a result, AVENCOM was chosen as an equipment supplier and HVAC system integrator.

AVENCOM Approach

The main objective of indoor climate control in the office building for AVENCOM was not only the compliance with the requirements of regulatory standards, but also the possibility of regulating air parameters in each office. In the process of project adjustment, we encountered some difficulties in the passage of the air duct in the roof space due to the design features of the overhead lap, but we developed an acceptable solution to this problem. Air conditioning was carried out based on the equipment of our partners – Sabiana SpA (fancoils) and AHI Carrier (chillers), with whom we have been working for a long time and we are sure about the quality of their equipment.

The use of fancoils made it possible to cool during the warm season and to heat during the cold season using one device without changing the heat transfer agent. Air handling was carried out by VBW Engineering air supply units. AVENCOM also designed a heating unit, with which the economic use of heat and cold was carried out, resulting in reduction of costs of energy and gas consumption. Heating was adjusted by a Honeywell weather-compensated controller for the same purpose. Each fan coil was operated by its own control panel, making it possible to set the comfortable temperature for the people in each office. Installation of equipment, power supply lines and control system network were carried out taking into account the compliance with the design solution of the office and fitted nicely into it.


Perspektiva KAN has received into operation a modern ventilation and air conditioning system that created indoor microclimate in accordance with the expectations of staff.



Detailed design; Installation of equipment, pipelines and cables; First commissioning and testing; Acceptance tests; Commissioning.



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