The Group’s origins as a copper miner in Kazakhstan stretch back to the 1930s. Following the independence of Kazakhstan in 1991 the Group was privatised and was subsequently listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2005. After a Restructuring in 2014 the Group was renamed KAZ Minerals and is now one of the largest copper miners in Kazakhstan. KAZ Minerals has the highest production growth and amongst the lowest operating costs of any listed pure-play copper company worldwide.

AVENCOM Responsibility

Both projects included detailed design, procurement, factory acceptance tests, supervision and post-sales support for telecommunication systems, physical security systems, digital television during each phase of mining plant construction.

AVENCOM Approach

At the design stage, the AVENCOM team made provision for modular, functional and assembly integration of the entire system. After placing the order and delivery to AVENCOM workshops, all the project equipment was installed in 75 telecommunication cabinets. Within the acceptance tests, test emulation of industrial processes was carried out according to separately developed procedures. Cabinets with installed and pre-configured equipment were shipped to the Customer’s site and later installed and started with minimal time consumption.


The suite of systems was successfully started, commissioned to industrial operation and delivered to Customer. With minimal changes, the existing project was replicated with the help of AVENCOM to the next plant of the KAZ Minerals Group, the Aktogay open pit mine.



Project documentation; Systems detailed design; Procurement; Systems assembly and Acceptance tests; Supervision support on installation and commissioning phases; Post sale support at warranty period



KAZ Minerals