Project description

The Bozshakol Copper Project has been targeted for development to facilitate the long term production and supply of copper concentrate for the Balkash and Zhezkazgan smelters. The Kazakhmys smelters are presently under utilised by thirty percent and the onstream production of Bozshakol in 2014 will result in a significant increase of copper production; adding over
100 000 tonnes per annum into the overall copper cathode production capabilities.
This project is contract for engineering services and solution supply to provide Telecommunications Infrastructure, Security and Entertainment (TV) systems of all stages of Plant Construction, from Early Works to Plant Commissioning and Operation covering Process Control, Administrative and Social buildings.
AVENCOM scope included the software and network design/configuration, procurement, project management, configuration, testing(FAT) and packing for shipment of the supplied systems, sub-systems and
peripherals, and to provide engineering documentation.

These activities included:

  1. Design Review
  2. Ongoing Design activities
  3. Engineering support
  4. Documentation
  5. Procurement
  6. Quality management
  7. Site Acceptance Testing
  8. Technical support
  9. Documentation management

During the project AVENCOM assembled into the Systems 75pcs of 19” 42U Telecom and Instrumental racks fully filled with passive and active equipment.
After FAT we performed equipment Staging, which meant maximum emulation of Site Conditions on the
Staging Area. Staged racks were 100% ready for integration to the Site Environment with the minimal
time lost.

Scope of work

  1. Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  2. Initial System Design
  3. Selection of suppliers for sub systems
  4. Obtaining competitive bids for sub systems
  5. Submission of bid in accordance with ITT
  6. Handover from Sales to Projects on award
  7. Detailed engineering design
  8. System documentation and submission for approval
  9. Placement of orders on approved suppliers
  10. Interface with COMPANY and other parties
  11. Subsystem build and test
  12. Witnessed factory acceptance testing
  13. Shipment of equipment
  14. Support during installation and commissioning
  15. Support during warranty

Products used:

  1. Cisco
  2. Andover Controls
  3. Redline Communications
  4. Ruggedcom
  5. Rittal
  6. Wis

Project statistics​

Location:RoK, Pavlodar region, Bozshakol Sulphide mine
Total value:4 700 000 USD
Time elapse:2012 – 2013
Installation:9 585 mh


11 850+