After completion of phase II of the project KPO now operates the following facilities: the Karachaganak Processing Complex (KPC); the gas and liquids separation and re-injection plant – Unit 2; the gas and liquids separation plant – Unit 3; and the export pipeline Karachaganak-Bolshoi Chagan-Atyrau.

AVENCOM Responsibility

Our high-quality work and customer focus in the installation of household air conditioners and split systems in the KPO B.V. offices  led to the fact that in 2005 AVENCOM was offered to take on the obligations for HVAC systems maintenance at the Karachaganak field out of a tender. Having no experience in working with industrial equipment, but having the ability to achieve the set goals and to treat the tasks in detail, we decided to take on these obligations. And the following year, as a result of participation in the tender, we received a three-year contract for the provision of services for the maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We had to maintain HVAC systems operation in the 24/365 mode.

AVENCOM Approach

According to the contract, we had to carry out works on such KPO facilities as:

  • Production and non-production areas of KPС;
  • KCC Pilot Camp;
  • Unit 2;
  • Unit 3;
  • Bolshoi Chagan pumping station (BCPS);
  • Atyrau Terminal;
  • Early Oil Production Satellite (EOPS);
  • Remote Manifold Station (RMS);
  • Block Valve Station (BVS);
  • Waste Management Complex (WMC).

The scope of work included the following services:

  • Routine maintenance, testing and verification of HVAC system and auxiliary equipment operations;
  • Maintenance of HVAC systems, auxiliary equipment and water supply systems in the operating mode according to the work plans approved by the authorized representative of the company and carrying out emergency recovery at all project facilities;
  • Provision of qualified and experienced personnel and appropriate control and measurement equipment;
  • Provision of activity reports;
  • Comprehensive planning of maintenance and inspection procedures, including:
    1. Cleaning of air and water filters and / or replacement;
    2. Adjustment of fan drives and air ducts;
    3. Check electrical parameters of the electric motors and replace them if necessary;
    4. Mechanical inspection of the circulation pump, repair or replacement of the mechanical seal, discs;
    5. Measurement of the air flow and, if necessary, switching to the initial design parameters;
    6. Replacement or completion of engine oil and refrigerant gas, where required;
    7. Replacement of freon compressors;
    8. Setting up boiler burner automation;
    9. Complete internal and external cleaning of the boiler body;
    10. Tightening the threaded connections;
    11. Soldering/welding of coolant leak lines;
    12. Repair of leak sites on heating and cooling ducts, water cooling and heating systems;
    13. Replacement of electronic (control units, detectors, pressure and flow switches) and electrical components where required;
    14. Maintenance of the HVAC system electrical panel;
    15. Performing minor repairs;
    16. Adjustment of the distribution control system and the production control system by changing the set points or minor configuration in the software, etc.;
    17. Conducting all operational tests.

AVENCOM serviced more than 1000 units of various HVAC, instrumentation and electrical equipment.

Despite the contract conditions for the validity of the contract for 36 months with the option to extend for two periods of 12 months, the contract was actually extended several times and eventually lasted for 8 years.

During the contract period, AVENCOM and KPO B.V. have signed several additional agreements, expanding the services provided:

  • Provision of access facilities and scaffolding works;
  • Monthly performance measurements of ventilation units in accordance with the Sanitary Regulations and Norms;
  • Additional KPO infrastructure

In 2014, AVENCOM participated in a tender for HVAC maintenance at the same KPO facilities. This tender was successfully won.

Our scope of work:

  • Uninterrupted, safe and economical operation of HVAC equipment and systems;
  • Carrying out the current operation, maintenance and preventive maintenance of HVAC equipment and systems;
  • Production of works using greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting substances (freons);
  • Accounting of HVAC equipment and networks, CMMS database updating;
  • Development of maintenance plans and the preventive maintenance system;
  • Timely verification of measuring instruments, repair of protection systems and automation. Metrological support;
  • Supply of equipment, materials, devices and tools to ensure the services provided;
  • Control, accounting and ordering of spare parts and materials;
  • Development and provision of reports;
  • Provision of qualified personnel;
  • Organization of the current operation, maintenance and preventive maintenance;
  • Operation, maintenance and preventive maintenance of boilers and gas equipment;
  • Organization of accounting and accidents investigation of HVAC equipment and systems and defects in operation.

In addition to the objects of previous contract, the Karachaganak Orenburg Transportation System (KOTS) was added. In total, AVENCOM serviced more than 160 buildings for various purposes, and among the equipment serviced were:

  • Refrigeration and compressor–condenser, condenser units;
  • Air conditioners, air treatment plants, and multi-zone units;
  • Air-heating units and heat shields;
  • Local air heaters, air heaters installed in air ducts, air-heating radiators, fan coils;
  • Fans;
  • Pumps;
  • Water treatment and water treatment plants, water supply systems, drainage systems;
  • Filters for air, liquid, refrigerants, coal, filtration plants, etc.;
  • Humidifiers;
  • Gas boilers, gas water heaters, heat exchangers;
  • Burners, chimneys, gas pipelines, fittings and equipment for gas management in boiler rooms;
  • Expansion tanks, storage tanks, pressure maintenance units;
  • Heating radiators;
  • Air, fire, control, gas, etc. dampers and actuators, grilles, diffusers, blinds, mufflers and sound insulation;
  • Control and measuring devices, HVAC system automation, related wiring, cables and auxiliary devices, instrumentation and control equipment piping and fittings, control valves and dampers, shut-off and control valve actuators, sensors, switches, controllers (ALLEN-BRADLEY, SIEMENS, HONEYWELL, JOHNSON CONTROLS, etc.) and software;
  • Electrical distribution panels and control panels, electrical equipment, electric motors, related wiring, cables and auxiliary devices;
  • Computerized workstations and automated control systems of the building, the system of interaction with the fire and gas alarm system and the general distributed control system;
  • Distribution pipelines and fittings, thermal insulation of pipelines;
  • Air ducts, air duct fasteners, thermal insulation of air ducts, fresh air intake pipes, deflectors.

This contract was also extended several times and as a result, lasted seven years. During the period of the contract, we signed several additional agreements, increasing the scope of work and adding 34 process buildings at KPC, Unit 2, Unit 3, Remote Manifolds Station, Atyrau Terminal, Bolshoi Chagan PS and WMC.


In total, AVENCOM has been engaged in KPO B.V. HVAC equipment maintenance for more than 15 years. We have come a long way when 20 people were on duty at the beginning of this 15th anniversary, and 40 people were on duty at the end; when several planned works and three or five repairs were carried out per day, up to several planned works and 20-25 different repairs, including large-node repairs.

During the period of this project, we were not only engaged in maintenance, but also performed several large-scale projects as one-time services:

  • delivery, installation and commissioning of several precision air conditioners for KPO data centers;
  • modernization of precision air conditioners in GPS-2 at Unit 3;
  • installation of air conditioners for the Nitrogen Generation Station at Unit 2;
  • supply, installation and start-up of the air conditioning system of the hot canteen shop at KPC;
  • prepared several packs of working documentation.

Our employees improved their skills in leading specialized training organizations in Russia, were trained in working with refrigerating machines in Italy, handling ozone-depleting substances, were trained in PLC programming, etc.



Maintenance service; Equipment repair; Working with ozone depleting substances; Scheduling maintenance plans and keeping documents; Detailed design; Installation of equipment, pipelines and cables; First commissioning and testing; Acceptance tests; Commissioning.






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