Project description

SDH STM-1 (0.156 Gbit/s) was the only system that used in KPO Export Pipeline Aksai – Bolshoi Chagan Pumping Station (BCPS) – Atyrau Terminal. It was used mainly for DCS purposes by SCADA system.

As new demands for data and voice access emerged in rapidly developing sites such as Aksai, Uralsk and Atyrau it became clear that the capacity of the existing linkshould be tremendously increased. Moreover DCS team required to increase resilience of the existing data transmission facilities by providing a high capacity backup system that is less susceptible to failures than infrastructurepreviously deployed. Another requirement was to design a system with minimum number of repeaters along the route. AVENCOM offered and implemented a solution that covered current demands for bandwidth and allowed economical upgrades of the system incrementally. DWDM equipment was installed in Aksai, Bolshoi Chagan, BVS-26 and Atyrau Terminal. The first phase of the project consisted of two STM-4 channels. That means 2×0.625Gbit/s=1.25 Gbit/s of additional bandwidth. The basic equipment that was installed allows upgrades to four channels and each channel up to STM-16 (2.5 Gbit/s). That means 4×2.5Gbit/s= 10Gbit/s in the nearest future. The lengths of the links are Aksai-BCPS 180 km, BCPS-BVS26 230 km, BVS26-Atyrau 230 km. The system was successfully installed and thoroughly tested. Four customer’s engineers were trained to maintain the equipment.

Scope of work

  1. DWDM design and installation

Project statistics​

Location:West Kazakhsta
Customer:KPO BV
Total value:USD 776 000
Time elapse:7 months




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