Project description

Metro  Ethernet network was designed to combine the industrial areas of the metallurgical complex of Corporation Kazakhmys in two cities for the first, to ensure the rapid exchange of current information received from the automation systems and telemetry, and secondly to increase the capacity of the connection as the Internet and the Intranet.

AVENCOM company has been selected to design, installation and commissioning of  Metro Ethernet network, based on fiber optic ring backbone. Formed project team  selected  Cisco  Systems  solutions  to meet the goals of the project. The network was  assembled and simulated in the Workshop  of  AVENCOM before sending it to the project site. Each of the 18 objects was
equipped with a telecommunications rack  with a reserve battery performance of up to 3 hours, without prejudice to the equipment and processes. In  Balhash FOC  was installed using the existing overpass, and Zhezkazgan 3,5 km  of FOC was  laid  in  urban telecommunications trench and  1,5 km  of FOC using  existing overpass.  The
value of the fiber optic cable not only in its capacity, but also that it does not take into collection points of the metal, unlike copper cable.

The network was successfully launched and  putted  into industrial operation.

Scope of work

Design and installation FOC and Metro Ethernet network

Products used:

  1. Cisco
  2.  IBM
  3.  APC

Project statistics​

Location:Karaganda region, Balkhash and Zhezkazgan cities
Customer:Corporation KAZAKHMYS
Total value:USD 272 000
Time elapse:7 месяцев