Shell Kazakhstan in cooperation with Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools implements the Solar for Schools project, that incudes installation of solar photovoltaic power stations (PV systems) in five Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (Astana, Almaty, Aktau, Atyrau and Uralsk).

AVENCOM Responsibility

In 2019, AVENCOM was invited to participate in the installation of photovoltaic stations in Aktau and Uralsk.

AVENCOM Approach

The AVENCOM team performed the following tasks:

  • Assembly and installation of the station’s telecommunications and electrical equipment;
  • Laying of cabling and organization of all system connections according to the design;
  • Testing of equipment and cabling;
  • Equipment configuration;
  • System commissioning.

The Solar for Schools was a pilot project, before the Aktau station only one such system had been commissioned at the NIS in Nur-Sultan, which imposed additional responsibility on the team and required a system approach to the works. There were also increased safety requirements for construction because the site was located within urban residential areas.


Each commissioned photovoltaic station, consisted of 320 solar panels, generates up to 100kWh of electricity, which is fully enough for schools’ electricity needs, and all surplus, is transported to the city’s power grid.



Installation of technological equipment, electrical connection and testing, configuration and commissioning.



Shell Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools