The work was carried out within the framework of Kashagan Field Development onshore project of AGIP KCO. The Kashagan field is located in the offshore part of the Caspian Sea, approximately 80 km from Atyrau. It contains 45 API oil with associated acid gas. Field development concerns onshore and offshore process facilities.

AVENCOM Responsibility

In 2009, AVENCOM was approached by AGIP KCO with the task of equipping the data center with an air conditioning system. Our technical solution of this problem fully met the expectations and requirements of the Customer, and in June of the same year, AGIP KCO and AVENCOM signed a contract for the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of an independent cooling system for the data center of the AGIP KCO Training Center in Atyrau.

AVENCOM Approach

In accordance with the signed contract, AVENCOM has prepared a project including all the necessary detailed documents sufficient to ensure the procurement of equipment and materials and to carry out installation works. AVENCOM examined the actual condition of the building and electrical systems to develop the best solution for positioning the outdoor unit of the precision air conditioner and connecting the cooling equipment to the existing electrical network. In addition to the air conditioning system, AVENCOM has executed the construction works required to provide reliable firefighting with the Inert Gas Fire Fighting System in the data center.


The cooling system of the data center has been started and is being operated 24/365.



Demand analysis; Detailed design; Equipment and pipelines installation; First commissioning and testing; Acceptance tests; Commissioning.






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