The North Caspian Project is the first major offshore oil and gas development in Kazakhstan. It covers three fields: Kashagan, Kairan and Aktoty. The giant Kashagan field ranks as one of the largest oil discoveries of the past four decades, with approximately 9-13 billion barrels (1-2 billion tonnes) of recoverable oil. The Kashagan reservoir lies 80km offshore from the city of Atyrau in 3-4 meters of water, and is more than 4km deep (4,200 meters). In 2016, the first offshore oil in the history of Kazakhstan was commercially produced from Kashagan. The Operator of the project, North Caspian Operating Company N.V. (NCOC), completed a major pipeline replacement project ahead of schedule and on September 28 re-opened the first wells offshore.

AVENCOM Responsibility

Within the terms of a contract signed in September 2013, AVENCOM took responsibility for providing a complex solution in accord with the assignment that on handover would include all the housing, installation, wiring and equipment connecting work.

AVENCOM Approach

For all rooms in the centre, multiple audio-visual sources were routed to the Extron Quantum digital video processor, which is capable of displaying up to five sources simultaneously, allowing the user dynamic control of the display through different preset ‘windowing’ settings. Multiple video walls of three 65″ screens are installed with dedicated processor control. All input signals are fed back to the centralised Magenta Research fibre matrix switcher via a multi-mode fibre optic cable. This allows the whole POC facility (all rooms) to choose the methodology for directing the signal “from any source” to “any destination” using the Crestron control system.


An integral part of the project was the creation of user manuals, which provide a visual representation and description of action scenarios, and support manuals, which provide a visual representation and description of alternative scenarios relevant to the whole infrastructure.



Design, procurement, installation and comissioing, maintetance



North Caspian Operating Company



Oil & Gas