Project description

Within the terms of a contract signed in September 2013, AVENCOM took responsibility for providing a complex solution in accord with the assignment, that on handover would include all the housing, installation, wiring and equipment connecting work. For all the premises of the center, there was provided the possibility of routing many sources of audiovisual information in the digital videoprocessor Extron Quantum, which is able to portray simultaneously up to five sources, enabling the user to dynamically control the display by means of various provisional «window» settings. Several videowalls made up of three 65 inch screens, and controlled by dedicated processors, were installed. All input signals are fed back to the Magenta Research centralised fibre-optic matrix switcher by multimodal fibre-optic cables. This enables PCC to choose for the whole site (for all premises) the methodology of directing a signal «from any source» to «any destination» with the help of the Crestron control system. An integral part of the project was the creation of a user manual, in which are reproduced visual images and descriptions of scenarios of action, and also support guidelines, in which are reproduced visual images and descriptions of alternative scenarios, related to the whole infrastructure.

Scope of work

  1. Providing a complex and efficient solution;
  2. Procurement of equipment;
  3. System installation;
  4. Commissioning system.

Products Used:

  1. Extron
  2. Crestron
  3. ClearOne
  4. Magenta
  5. Samsung
  6. SMART Technologies.

Project statistics​

Location:Atyrau, Atyrau Oblast.
Customer:NC Production Operations Company B.V.
Total value:USD 2 032 680
Duration:10 month