located at the Karachaganak Field development in Western Kazakhstan, near the town of Aksai.

AVENCOM Responsibility

KGDBN Project is an extension of the facilities in the Karachaganak Processing Complex (KPC), A new fully integrated, functional, and operational redundant (A+B) PAGA system for the KGDBN Project had to be installed in a new dedicated Process Interface Building 9 (PIB9) located close to a new process area (Greenfield area).

AVENCOM Approach

The new KGDBN PAGA system was integrated as an extension node of KPC’s existing PAGA system and controlled from KPC’s Main Control Room PAGA access panel. The new PAGA system interfaces with ICSS to automatically provide the general/emergency announcements to KGDBN processing facilities and hence informing site personnel about emergency situations. The existing system was based on redundant (A+B) configuration and was interconnected through redundant FOCs to the existing PAGA system.

AVENCOM delivered a fully integrated, functional and operational MDF structured cabling with voice/data node cabinet system and ATEX certified process plant phones for the KGDBN Project. AVENCOM was fully responsible for equipment procurement, assembly, integration, inspection, Q.A., testing, certification and documentation including operational handbooks necessary for the operation and maintenance of the KGDBN PAGA system.


The new KGDBN Telecom system shall be integrated as an extension node of KPC’s existing MDF and IT&T voice and data communication LAN network system.



Design, procurement, installation and commissioning



Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V., Kazakhstan Branch



Oil & Gas