After completion of the project phase II, KPO B.V. now operates the following facilities: the Karachaganak Processing Complex (KPC); the gas and liquids separation and re-injection plant – Unit 2; the gas and liquids separation plant – Unit 3; and the export pipeline Karachaganak-Bolshoi Chagan-Atyrau.

AVENCOM Responsibility

Long-term experience of our company in the field of repair works of Johnson Controls control systems allowed us to win the tender of KPO B.V. in 2017 for the supply, installation and commissioning of dispatching stations BMS (Building Management Station). Considering the use of obsolete equipment by the Customer and our drive to creating workable system, we involved the equipment manufacture to carry out these works.

AVENCOM Approach

The purpose of the given works was to restore the design operability and ensure safety during the system operation.

In this connection, we had to do the following:

  • Processing and preparation of necessary BMS software taking into account databases of the previous BMS stations;
  • Installation of the PMI stations new software of version 12.4 (or above);
  • Delivery of three BMS stations with installed software;
  • Dismantling of obsolete equipment and installation of new equipment;
  • Configuration of controllers NCM4510-2, BMS database load into controllers;
  • Setting up the necessary connections, putting BMS into operation;
  • Checking, configuration of BMS stations functionality;
  • Conducting a functional test of HVAC system for the conformity of cause-and-effects, including with imitation of the incoming signals “Fire”, “Gas”;
  • Handover of a completed work to the Customer.

Work was carried out without withdrawal the HVAC systems from service. During installation work, errors in the display and statuses of equipment transferred from previous databases were corrected.


Updated system was put into operation and control was transferred to the operators through remote monitoring and dispatching system.



Detailed design; Equipment installation; First commissioning and testing; Acceptance tests; Commissioning.






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