Project description

Electronic Document Circulation (EDC) system was designed to connect all the departments of the government of West Kazakhstan region into one computer based network. Each department is equipped with a server responsible for collecting, storing and distributing of documents.

AVENCOM was selected to provide wireless data transport system for two phases of this project. A dedicated team was formed to design and install the network. RedLine Communications products were chosen for implementation of this task. Three specialists in the team have RedLine certificates.  As a result of this project 15 units of AN50 wireless equipment were installed in the departments, three WEB cameras were mounted on the streets and connected to the network. Some of the links are Non
Line Of Sight (NLOS).

Now the EDC system is in operation. The links are monitored by the automatic control center. The third phase of the project will connect more departments to the system.

Scope of work

  1. WiMax wireless system design and installation
  2. WiFi spot zones implementation
  3. Web cameras installation

Products used:

  1. Redline
  2.  D-Link
  3.  Cisco

Project statistics​

Location:Uralsk, West Kazakhstan
Customer:Region Government
Total value:USD 368 000
Time elapse:4 months
Delivery:2005 – 2006




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