The self-contained mobile complex is designed for operating at remote sites without access to electrical and telecommunication networks. The complex utilizes renewable (solar/wind) energy as a power source, which allows to be installed at remote sites without any preparation. The system operates at the open field deployment and provides high availability in any weather conditions.

The complex can be uniquely equipped for different usage scenarios (remote video surveillance point, communication repeater, lighting point and power source for temporary/emergency point) with a basic set of components:

  • Single axle trailer;
  • Telescopic mast;
  • Solar panels;
  • Wind turbine;
  • LIFEPo4/AGM/GEL Batteries;
  • Remote monitoring system;
  • Lightning protection and grounding system;
  • Backup generator set.
The complex in the field envirronment
Technical data

* – Can be modified according to planned operating conditions of the complex;
** – Not including active equipment.