AVENCOM provides enterprise-level, access control and integrated security systems, where a high degree of security and the ability to process a high volume of traffic are required. We have project experience for tasks as complex as this:

  • large construction sites with a constantly changing mix of access card holders;
  • long-distance oil and gas pipelines;
  • regionally distributed production facilities.

As a rule, access control systems (ACS) include multiple access points incorporated in one system. It can differentiate the rights and time of access to different areas. For instance, the frontline employees can be allowed inside only at working hours during their shifts and managers can be provided with the access any time including days off. The access to restricted areas can be provided only to authorized personnel at predefined time. For temporary employee the access can be provided only for particular period of time. On preset expiration date the access will get rejected.

Moreover, it is possible to control the employees moving on enterprise territory as well as control the employees working time – access control capabilities can be useful for HR managing and accounting.

All the data of ACS is kept in the database and it can be addressed to after some time as to an analytics tool for nonstandard situations investigation. The best effect access control system gives in its integration with other security systems: intruder and fire alarm, CCTV. For example, in combination with intruder detection system it is possible to forbid the access to the protected restricted building.

On interface with fire alarm system, the access control system will be able to unblock all the gates/doors on the way of people evacuation in case of fire and therefore will increase the employees’ chances to escape from dangerous places in safe.

When incorporating access control and CCTV system, the images from CCTV system can be used additionally for the employees’ identification on entering the buildings by making it impossible to open the door by other person’s access card.

Example of a completed project


систем контроля доступа