Know-how, experience, well-established partnerships with major suppliers and the selection of the best materials and the most advanced technologies available on the market make AVENCOM a reliable partner for any company that needs innovative climate control and air-conditioning solutions.

Within this framework, we provide design, supply, installation of remote climate control and maintenance of air-conditioning and climate control systems for:

  • Industrial buildings including Hazardous areas;
  • Data Centers;
  • Telecom Shelters and Electrical Switch rooms;
  • Server Rooms.

We always start with an exhaustive analysis of the customer’s needs, a key step to access available resources and set the goals to be achieved. The next step is design: on the one hand we study the best solutions and on the other hand we identify the most advanced technologies available on the market. This phase also includes a studying how to achieve the maximum efficiency of the installed systems, which will be integrated with each other and with any existing solution. Always focusing on maximum sustainability in our solutions, during the design phase we pay special attention to the development of energy recovery systems and the use of renewable resources, thus increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs and consumption.

Example of a completed project