AVENCOM’s long experience in design, supply and support of CCTV solution gives as the possibility to take over the projects of any size and difficulty including projects for industries with hazardous factors and explosive atmospheres.

CCTV system is capable to solve a lot of tasks simultaneously:

  • It can act as a separate security system and supporting part to the intruder detection system;
  • It can be an additional source of information about faulty alarming, the fire areas and people evacuation;
  • It can control the access to the facilities;
  • It can control the industrial process or be an essential part of this process – cameras can read the data from the measuring devices or control the areas where the human presence is impossible due to extremely harsh conditions;
  • All CCTV archives are stored in a centralized database and can be used as an analytical tool when investigating incidents.

Modern multifunctional CCTV systems increase the other security systems effectiveness, such as access control, fire alarming or public address systems.

Video analytics tools based on the functionality of the cameras themselves or the video management system (VMS) allow to automate tasks such as face recognition, number plate recognition, monitoring of PPE in hazardous areas, presence of foreign objects, etc., and to program responses to them. Storage systems provide the surveillance system with a reliable data storage service for a specified period of time. Typically, this is a minimum of 30 days. The type of storage system is selected on a project-by-project basis.

Example of a completed project