The efficiency and safety of personnel is critical to any business, particularly those that operate in inherently hazardous industries.

Workers can be located instantly, and real-time visibility of all the staff not only identifies where productivity can be increased, but also greatly improves response times in the event of an emergency.

Key features of personnel tracking systems are:

  • Minimize safety problems by restricting access to potentially dangerous areas;
  • Program the system to create an alert condition when risk factors are detected specific to working environment, for instance, harmful gas levels within a mine;
  • Automatically count workers in and out of hazardous or sensitive areas;
  • Enable rapid electronic mustering;
  • Provide proximity warning for personnel in the path of large moving vehicles or equipment;
  • Track and monitor employee health and safety via add-on sensors;
  • Monitor staff time and attendance records;
  • Instantly signal danger and dramatically reduce response times to emergency situation.

Our customized solutions ensure a safe, secure, productive environment for all your personnel.

Example of a completed project