AVENCOM’s solution provides total pipeline and corridor security using Fibre Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology. It is an intelligent solution which can detect, locate and classify Third Party Interference (TPI) events in order to:

  • Secure and protect valuable assets such pipelines;
  • Prevent incidents before they actually occur.

Fiber Optic sensor is deployed around asset perimeters to secure refineries, Block Valve Stations, Pump and Compressor Stations with a single solution also able to provide additional pipeline assurance solutions such as Leak Detection and PIG Tracking.

This solution protects infrastructure from malicious or accidental damage and uses existing communications optical fibers to deliver 24/7 coverage. The solution ensures that the total asset is protected by converting the Control & Instrumentation optical cable into an array of virtual microphones every 10m along the route. Acoustic signals are processed in real time to provide instant detection of an event, its location and classification.

The System algorithms have been developed to identify real threat activities such as vehicles, personnel and digging, with both environmental and functional zones enabling the system to automatically filter benign activities such as farming, industrial sites or river crossings etc. The System provides the operator with the information to:

  • Prevent new hot tap events as well as the ability to detect existing valve sites;
  • Detect valve opening and closing via changing pressure waves;
  • Identify hot-tapping/bunkering, often conducted at night to avoid detection.

The System provides Closed Circuit Audio of the pipeline to provide you with the vital information that can be trusted and acted upon to ensure safe and secure operation. This information can be shared with existing SCADA or Command and Control systems as well as cueing third party surveillance systems such as cameras or UAV’s as well as placing the data directly into the client’s hands via an advanced web reporting tool.

Example of a completed project