Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) systems are critical systems in any industrial facility. Such a system must remain operational in an emergency in order to safely evacuate personnel from hazardous areas. PAGA systems have special design requirements.

Through loudspeakers, the PAGA system distributes alarms, pre-recorded voice messages, emergency voice messages and normal messages to selected locations. In areas with high noise backgrounds, voice messages and audio alarms are accompanied by flashing lights.

The alarm is initiated either manually from the access panel or automatically from a central fire alarm system panel or an emergency stop system (ESD) via a special interface. Voice messages are generated either from the access panel microphone or from the assigned telephones.

AVENCOM has been designing, delivering and installing since 2001 integrated, fully functional, redundant (A+B) PAGA systems for the oil and gas industry that meet the requirements of potentially explosive atmospheres and protect life and limb.

Example of a completed project.