On March 6, 2012 AVENCOM   celebrated the 17th anniversary of its foundation. The annual events connected with the celebration of Company Day  have become an integral part of AVENCOM’s corporate culture. This year, a decision was made to hold Company Day for employees   from 3rd to 6th of May on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, at the 5 star Sentido hotel.

Company Day

At the specially organized conference,  the events and results of last year were summarized, and the plans and strategy for the future were revealed. Also the employees with the best results  achieved  in 2011 were recognised. The staff of our company is encouraged not only for production performance at work, but also for active participation in the public life of the collective. This year each employee could test out the many sports and the cultural events which are carried out in the hotel. The holiday passed comfortably, cheerfully and will be remembered by all for a long time.

Every year the organizers   of  Company Day do all that they can to make it interesting for the staff.   Of course, such events are possible only because of the  successful, competent and highly professional work of all the divisions.

Therefore Company Day, for us, is part of the process  of team building, as well as providing rest and a healthy lifestyle for  workers. We look ahead with optimism. We are now ready to implement  new projects   in the interests of our Clients!

We congratulate all the staff of AVENCOM LLP on the 17th anniversary of the company! We wish all health, happiness, wellbeing and new successes in our teamwork! The seventeenth birthday of AVENCOM LLP passed the baton to the eighteenth year, the year of “coming of age”. Let it   also be successful.

Kuspaeva M.