As we navigate through these challenging times, secure and efficient working environment for remote employees is critical, now more than ever. Business continues to operate when reliable IT tools are used. AVENCOM continues to offer services to ensure confidential, reliable and secure networking of your staff.

Our support team with many years of experience in implementing of IT solutions provides the same high standard level of service that our clients are familiar with. 

Please contact us if you are not sure that you can check all the items in the list below. We are ready to offer flexible, easily deployable and proven solutions for such challenges.

– Your company uses secure video conferencing system for meetings, negotiations, presentations and collaborative work with documents;

– Remote employees have secure access to corporate resources;

– You don’t just rely on passwords to organize access to corporate resources and remember that more than 80% of information leaks are related to stolen and leaked credentials;

– Your network has a system of vulnerability management and rapid response to intrusions;

– You trust the devices that your employees use to remotely access the corporate applications;

– You have Ts control over information leaks and user activities inside your network.

The AVENCOM team continues to work together and with you to provide the best support and service to continue your organization’s IT infrastructure one of the few things you can count on during these trying times. 


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